Get Better in Doing Foreplay to Help Boost Your Sex Life

Foreplay is very important in a couple’s sexual life. This is not only done just to get ready to do the deed but this can help both parties to get to know their partner in a more intimate way. Most of the common problem of the couples that often make foreplay as a routine before sex is that they will eventually get used to it and the fun side will be out of the picture. Sex should always be fun for both parties and especially the foreplay.

There are some couples that go to the extreme as to wear costumes or act certain things before they start with the actual sex. If this works for them you should also find what works for you and your partner.

Know Your Partner
In anything that you do you need to put your partner into consideration first. Any kind of foreplay will only be enjoyable if both of you agree on it. Make sure that your partner is comfortable with what you are planning to do before you decide on actually doing it.
As some couples might agree to keep it interesting and for the two of you to both look forward to doing the actual deed it is important that you send sexual videos to each other when you are apart or out with friends. Foreplay is not only limited to your bedroom.

Send Some Sexual Gestures Randomly
Sending some random messages like you missed your partner or you are looking forward to seeing them when the day ends is the perfect way to start heating up things. You need to get them into the same page as you are into getting it on tonight. It is fun that as a couple you both look forward to what will happen to you both in bed when you get home. So try to think sexy thoughts and make sure your partner also gets it.

Try to Make it Different Every Time

Do a variety of things when the time comes that you both are ready and expecting to get things started. You can try to follow something that is done from a movie that excites you both. You can also try to buy a book that gives you some tips on what unique things you can do to get you both ready for sex. Never turn it into a routine, make sure that you surprise your partner every time and you should also encourage them to do things that would surprise you as well.

Remember that foreplay is just as important as the actual intercourse and it usually is longer than the actual sex itself. Most women love the foreplay part because of all the possible sensation that they could feel while doing it. It’s not only to make you wet or get a hard on but this is about knowing each other better. Foreplay will help you discover the places where your partner would like to be touch and it is also the best way to get to know them better.

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Butt Plugs

When I first began engaging in sex – and I mean truly into sex, beyond the basic ‘’this rocks’ phase and in the ‘What will it be like if I do this uncommon thing’ stage – I gave butt plugs a reasonably broad cabin. Striking tools: good. Vibrators: not a problem. Roleplay: so long as it wasn’t very humorous. However butt plugs appeared like an unusual and weird thing.

I enjoy anal sex, however the major reason I enjoy it is due to the entire setting – his grunting, scrumptious frustration along with the sense of his cock reaching limited opposition. Butt plugs appeared a little unnecessary: I don’t have a prostate, therefore why would I need one there? Furthermore, I was a tiny bit anxious regarding applying one on a man. Concerned that I may do so terribly and it’d be either completely disappointing or – even worse – damaging.

Just like several things, I was marvelously incorrect.

We discussed it initially. He informed me that he enjoyed it: that sensation of being full. My mind was filled with images: him lying down on the bed, bare from the waist, getting to force something strongly in himself. Him: sitting down at his laptop, with a plug comfortably in him and braced on the couch of the seat, frowning in focus as he rubbed himself to orgasm.

I needed to view that upfront.

“Are you planning to utilize that on me?” he inquired. I anxiously waited for some time, wearing the sort of face which blanketed my anxiety with handled indecision.

“No.” I placed it on the seat. “You will utilize it on your self.”


Observing him lubricate the butt plug then flinch with focus while he slid it in himself was simply the beginning. While he sat down gradually on the wood seat, his face exhibited an exquisite tortured predicament: ‘I love this. It feels great. However I feel like pervs on patrol.’

“How are you feeling?”


“Touch yourself.”
He held his dick strongly and began slipping his hand around. He trembled and twitched with a mixture of stress and excitement. I saw the stress in his throat, and the tight work in his legs while he attempted to not relax with a lot of force. He didn’t want it in very deep immediately – he liked to take it gradually. He consumed, rubbed stronger, laid back a little bit. Allowed the butt plug slide a bit further in him.

“How are you feeling?”

“Still…” he rubbed stronger “…filthy.”

I was seated on the side of the bed heating up at the image of him. It was his face, mainly. The flickers of fighting expression and feelings while he stroked himself to an orgasm which he was both eager for and embarrassed about. I couldn’t think there can be such a contrast between seeing him jerk off and seeing him jerk off in this way: with a butt plug keeping him strongly in a point where he was conflicted regarding his pleasure.

I’d seldom desired him more.

Good boy

I was standing above him and drawn the crotch of my knickers to one end. He looked up at me and I gave him the sort of smile I’d generally save for later on: delighted, gleeful, thrilled by this extremely new idea. I cherished that this boy was so entirely on fringe – hurting from the butt plug and tingling through his cock and eager to come right before me like on a nubiles casting video.

I straddled his thighs, covered my hands round his shoulders, and lowered onto his dick. Lightly, for the initial few movements, I slid around him – my pussy getting wetter and warmer at the sounds of his plaintive moans.

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